Sports Science

We put science in your Sport

Sports Science

Physical and functional training strategies change across the lifespan and across the training career.  It is dictated by sport-specific needs and conditioning requirements plus the daily demands of life.  We know how to take all of those into account with our programming and phase- periodization strategies so you can just focus on training hard and performing in the sport, and in life.  Whether you are a performing at the recreational or competitive level, just training for a long and healthy career, or even if you are starting your children in sports and training, we can guide you and we can help you.  We’ve got the full spectrum covered.

Performance Optimization

We know that every athlete’s dream is to be a champion in their own sport. Behind every win and personal record beaten, is an athlete who struggles to train hard and take care of their body to ensure that they are prepared well.

Today’s landscape though grows more competitive. Training smart is today’s key to staying on top.

At Sante Fitness Lab, our ultimate goal is ensure that every athlete performs at their peak level. By addressing individual needs and combining science, innovation and specialized training, we are able to measure, analyze and design the best Performance development and management program.

We help enhance any athlete’s program and reach their sports performance goals by measuring their baseline and other crucial performance factors to be able to recommend the most appropriate and comprehensive strength and conditioning as well as Recovery program

Performance Development Program (PDP)

Our Strength and conditioning program includes prehabilitative exercise to help avoid injuries and improve the range of motion.

Performance Management Program (PMP)

To continuously achieve your peak performance, proper and timely Recovery is an imperative. Aside from Sleep and nutrition, we recommend inclusion of Recovery activities to avoid injuries from overtraining. Therapeutic exercises and modalities are prescribed to speed up recovery.

Performance Tests

In Performance testing, we measure critical performance factors – specific physical capacities then analyze and consider them for the design of an optimal strength and conditioning program.


We believe that it is crucial component of athletic preparation as it can provide important information to help identify – strengths and weaknesses, response to training programs as well as Return-to-play.


Sports-specific abilities tests are also measured including but not limited to Cardiovascular endurance, Strength and flexibility.


Body Composition Analysis

Measuring and achieving the ideal body composition for each individual is one of the many key factors considered.


Depending on the sport or type of lifestyle, an ideal Body fat and skeletal muscle mass percentage is targeted to optimize performance and avoid any unwanted injuries.

Lactate Testing

One of the best performance measures for endurance sports.


It will provide you 3 main things:


1. Your threshold or your red line- Knowing this will help you manage your efforts in training and racing intelligently.


2. Your training zones- Each training zone has a specific purpose/effect. Accurately determining them will help make your program more time-efficient and effective.


3. Your plan of attack- This is unique to lactate testing. We can determine what kind of workouts you need based on your results. I’ll give you sample workouts and recommendations to help you perform better.


Lactate testing actually helps simplify training by giving you accurate results and a concrete plan to improve your performance .

Metabolic Testing

Known as the science of analyzing one’s respirated gas relative to intensity, it has three main advantages.


1. We get to determine your VO2Max- the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process. Knowing this will allow us to determine your current fitness level, and adjust accordingly.


2. We can measure your calorie expenditure across different efforts. Oftentimes, the actual limiter in training/racing is nutrition. Being able to measure how much fuel you need can prevent unnecessary weight gain, chronic fatigue, and the dreaded Bonk. We’ll give you a nutrition plan based on this.


3. We get to determine your Respiratory Exchange Ratio. This will tell me if you’re a carb burner or fat burner.


Developing oneself into an efficient fat burner is absolutely necessary for long distance racing success. Knowing your RER will allow us to tweak your training and diet.


Best complimented with Lactate testing, these help point our weaknesses and provide us vital information on what to improve to become faster.

Sweat Rate & Composition Analysis

A fluid loss of more than 4% will lead to a deterioration in performance or other serious complications. Proper hydration is key.


This test will tell you how much water and electrolytes you should take on an hourly basis.

DNA Testing

This looks at particular variations in your genetic code. These genes are well-documented, well-researched, and tell a whole lot about your body.


Depending on your results, we will know things like carbohydrate/fat sensitivity, power/endurance training response, recovery speed, antioxidant need, vitamin requirements (e.g. A, C, E, K, D, B ), salt/caffeine/alcohol sensitivity, lactose tolerance, omega 3 requirements, obesity risk, etc.


Based on this one-time test, we can make sure we’re creating the best environment for your body to stay strong, injury-free, and healthy!