At Sante Fitness Lab, we firmly believe that Physical Therapy (PT) is an action word and as such a call to action. Success in Physical therapy means an active effort by you and not just something done to you.


Our active and movement-based approach to PT is a functional approach that ensures progress because we will find ways for you to continue doing what you love and doing what you need to despite pain and injury.


Was your physical therapy program halted? Are you suffering from neck, back pain or any type of injury? We can bring the expertise without the hazards of going out and exposing yourselves. Checkout our Online Physical Therapy Services.

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No more guessing game as we utilize the latest technology and evidence based programs to handle sports-related injuries and recovery needs.


We do our best to keep you moving and continuously improving.  Because the simple truth is, if your therapists are not working to get you off the treatment table and out the clinic door, then they are not working to get you better.


We also have the latest equipment to help your rehabilitation program more efficient


A state of the art therapeutic percussive equipment made for breaking down calcifications and promotes healing in a body part.


The best deep heating therapeutic modality available that helps in pain relief, promotes healing and prepares the muscles and other deep structures for exercises.


PREHAB trully means preparation prior to surgery. Doing PREHAB improves outcomes after surgery and makes recovery fasterTo offset the bad effects of immobilization, swelling, stiffness and deconditioning that will happen after surgery, you want to build as much muscle mass, strength and functional capacity on the affected area.


Recovery after surgery should be carefully guided approach.
Just resting and doing simple exercises won’t be enough to guarantee full recovery.
This means strengthening and building upon the physical attributes that you have lost.
We do a criteria-based progression in our programs which means we build one ability after another. Doing it this way optimizes recovery and increases the chances that you get back stronger than before.


Let us see the specific motions that cause you pain, distress or limited abilities. We will analyze it for you then we can figure out strategies to reduced symptoms of pain and distress while improving overall strength, movement efficiency and performance.


Whether to improve running efficiency or to find discrepancies in a movement that cause pain, overuse symptoms or injury, we got you covered. Some deviations from the norm can also be adaptations to your personal anatomy and correcting them may make you slower and injury-prone. Over-correction can also cause problems and our professionals are able to recognize the difference.


Regaining your old form can’t be entrusted to just time and chance. You need to build strength and resilience to injured structures and address compensatory movements that arise out of having injuries.


“Competitive sport, whether recreational or elite level, requires you to be at your best in order to perform well and avoid the likelihood of recurring injuries. We have a comprehensive program that doesn’t just build you up, it also determines if you truly are ready to play. Recovery and return to play capabilities are based on performance criteria instead of time from injury onset.”

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The best way to recover is now here at the New Home of Champions. We use the latest tools and modalities, in our physical therapy Recovery services to get you back in training in no time! Train insane but recovery is the name of the game. Try it today by booking a session!