Re-Opening FAQ’s

Re-Opening FAQ’s

When will you be Open?

Great news! We will be re-opening our Fitness facility and Sports Rehab/Physical Therapy clinic by October 05, 2020.

What are the safety precautions in place once you re-open?

Aside from ensuring that all our equipment and facilities are in excellent working condition, we have also set Health & Safety protocols that are in compliance with DTI’s guidelines for gym facility and physical therapy services operations:

  • Advance Appointment Booking for all members and guests availing Gym usage and other our specialized services- 1 on 1 Fitness Coaching, Physical Therapy sessions and Nutrition Consultation.
  • We have allotted a maximum of One (1) hour only per gym usage and specialized service
  • Members and Guests are allowed a maximum of period of Fifteen (15) minutes for changing or showering
  • Required disinfection of Footwear through Footbath located upon entry of facility
  • Mandatory Accomplishment of Health Declaration Form and Body Temperature check every visit.

Entry to the facility shall not be allowed if member or guest shall record/declare:

  • A temperature above 37.5 degrees Celcius (With same results recorded, after three (3) trials of measure)
  • COVID-19 related symptoms (sore throat, chills, loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath, Nausea or vomiting in the last 14 days)
  • With exposure to a positively tested individual in the last 14 days
  • Has been on a commercial flight or travelled outside the Philippines in the last 14 days
  • Have been tested for COVID19 and awaiting results
    • Wearing of Face Mask upon Entry/Exit of Facility and during workouts. Removal of masks are allowed during High Intensity Interval Workouts only. Bringing of extra face masks are encouraged.
    • Maintaining social distancing in all areas of the facility. Designated work–out stations, prescribed traffic flow and directional signage have been installed to reinforce this.
    • All members and guests are highly encouraged to frequently sanitize hands and disinfect of equipment before and after. Additional sanitation stations and kits have also been added

throughout the facility.

  • All Members and Guests must bring their own Yoga mats, Hydration and Towels. Water dispensers shall temporarily be unavailable.
  • Increased frequency of wipes down and disinfection of equipment and surfaces. We have allotted a routine disinfection time after every gym usage time slot
  • Non-contact policy for all 1 on 1 Fitness Coaching (Personal Training services) and Comprehensive Fitness Assessments
  • For Physical therapy services, our Physiotherapist shall wear Full PPE equipment during the delivery of all services.

We encourage everyone to continue to observe good personal hygiene, maintain good gym etiquette and be socially responsible. With your cooperation, we can help keep everyone safe.

What are your Operational Hours?

Due to government restrictions, our Operational Hours shall temporarily be:
Gym Facility – 8am-7pm
Sports Rehab/Physical Therapy Clinic- 10am-5pm
We will just our Operational hours in compliance with the government guidelines.

Will there be restrictions to members entering the Lab?

All Staff, Members and Guests are required to wear a mask upon entering and exiting the facilities.
Gym usage and specialized time slots booked must be followed. Arrival of at least 5 minutes before booked schedule is encouraged to provide ample time for accomplishment of Health declaration form and checking.

Are you limiting the amount of people in the gym area?

In compliance with our national health authority and local government unit’s guidelines, we shall comply with the allowable capacity for our facility during the Modified Community Quarantine (MGCQ) period. Members and guests are required to book a gym access slot and appointment for specialized services to manage the capacity of the whole facility. We have also prescribed traffic flow, workout stations, and deactivated some machines for proper social distancing.

We are encouraging everyone to practice social distancing as best they can.

Will there be group exercise classes?

Our classes inside the facility will be temporarily unavailable but we shall offer classes conducted outside the facility for the easier observance of social distancing (stay tuned for details).

Access to classes shall also be booked to observe social distancing and ensure the best quality of instruction and guidance for participants

How long can I stay in the gym?

The time slot booked for the service you availed- whether Gym usage or specialized service must be followed. It is highly recommended that the maximum time you can stay inside the facility shall not exceed 75 minutes.

Does the time slot include the time I will need to shower/change?

Changing or showering time is excluded in the time slot booked but you are given a maximum of 15 minutes to for a quick change or shower

Can I book multiple times in a day?

You may book a maximum of Two (2) slots in a day. Cleaning schedule set in between time slots must be followed.

Why do I need to book an access to the gym floor?

We have implemented the booking system to encourage social distancing and manage the number of people inside the facility at one time. We believe that this step and the other health and safety guidelines set shall serve to mitigate the health risks associated with COVID-19. As we are closely monitoring the health pandemic situation, rest assured that we will continue to strictly adhere to the guidelines of our national health authorities and our local government and shall adjust our policies accordingly.

What do I need to bring?

All members and guests must bring their yoga mats, towels and hydration. We encourage you to bring only your essentials and keep other non-training essential items in the locker room.

Can I freeze my membership if I am not yet ready to hit the gym?

We sincerely understand that some of you might need more time to decide if you are ready to return and continue your fitness journey with us, as such we shall also be implementing a revised Freezing policy. For details, please contact us at

Can I terminate or cancel my membership?

Membership Cancellation is allowed, however, no refund shall be provided to Member.

Transfer of Membership policy and Freezing policy can be an option. Kindly email us at for requests and/or further details

Here are our Re-Opening Promo Rates:

1 Month Membership – PHP2,500
3 Months Membership- PHP7,000
6 Months Membership- PHP13,500
12 Months Membership- PHP23,400

What are your Membership Packages?

As we understand your need for an affordable and effective option to stay fit and healthy, we are offering our Membership packages at a more accessible rate with more flexibility. Any membership package you will avail also comes with a FREE One (1) Box of Sante Daily-C (Sodium Ascorbate worth PHP750/box of 100 pcs.) plus 20% discount on subsequent purchase of other Sante International Products.

All Membership packages include:

· Unlimited Gym usage
· Unlimited Access to Online Class and Onsite Outdoor Classes
· Comprehensive Fitness Assessment Session & Nutrition Coaching
· Access to Ayala Vermosa Jogging path and outdoor exercise stations

Are Walk-in’s Allowed?

Non-members/Guests must book their gym usage slot or specialized services appointments through our booking system

Do we need to wear gloves?

You may wear your personal gloves should you want to feel safer. We have prepared additional sanitation stations around the facility. This is to ensure that you can clean, sanitize, and disinfect your hands anytime you want to.

I’m still not comfortable going the gym and risking exposure.

We can still be of service to you even if you are at home through our online services. Contact us for a Free consultation today.

Our 1 on 1 Fitness Coaching/Personal training, Physical therapy services and Nutrition Consultation services are available online.

Are minors allowed to train?

In compliance with the minimum health standards, minors are not yet allowed to go out of their houses. Instead, they can avail the online service as an alternative.

For physical therapy services, are PWDs and elderly allowed to bring a companion?

Yes, but the companion shall stay in the reception area. Only the patient/client is allowed to go inside the sports rehab clinic.

Can I do a Free Trial?

Free trial can be availed for our classes and gym access. Please email us at inquiry@santefitnesslab or contact 09209209747 to request a schedule.

Can we drop-in for an Ocular?

You may also visit us to check our facilities and inquire with us but we encourage you to book your visit ahead. Please email us at inquiry@santefitnesslab or contact 09209209747 to request a schedule.