Live More Do More Wellness Package

The Live More Do More 30-Day Program, is the ultimate fitness and nutritional solution from Santé Fitness Lab, combining a 30-day athletic training inspired high intensity fitness program, with the fitness and performance benefits of Pure Barley Juice from Santé International – rolled in to one energy bundle to let you live more, and do more in life.

The Program includes:
  • 30-Day Fitness Program Subscription
  • FlexiFit Program (Flexibility and Fitness in one)
  • 30 minutes Consultation expert call
  • One (1) box of Santé Pure Barley Juice
What makes LMDM 30 Days Program unique?
  1. This program is designed carefully by professionals in the field (both fitness trainers and physical therapists!) and is truly backed by science.
  2. The workout sessions are proven effective based on the results we saw from our clients. Also, this package is bundled with an equally effective and proven product – Santé Pure Barley Juice.
  3.  Working out from home does not necessarily mean you should expect lesser results than working out in the gym. This program assures you that it is redesigned to adapt to the new normal.
  4. Most of all, the program is fun! You can do it with your family or anyone you live with at home!


Program will be available by June 15, 2020.