Our training principle is based on systems designed for longevity and health.  It’s not just about getting tired but about getting healthier and getting better.

Programming that FIT YOU, not the other way around

From our systems, we design programs that fit your specific needs, not force you to fit our program. Through this we make sure to do No Harm and prevent failure.

Our programs will be adjusted to you first because your program is a reflection of who you are.

Then as you get better, so does your program.

Trust the PROGRESS

Perpetual progression is the name of the game. A long and healthy training career or lifestyle is part of the goal.

Long-Term Success

We believe in the importance of long-term training and health, a short-lived success is no success at all.

Santé FitCamp

FitCamp is our signature class and group session offering that offer results done in scientifically-proven healthy way.   Designed to maximize the effects of your consistency and hard work, this class is different from the rest sa it builds on the basics in order to keep your training safe and effective. The risk of injury and burnout from randomness are definitely kept at bay.

Ideal for: Individuals with goal of FAT LOSS and GENERAL CONDITIONING

Santé OCR Camp

Our Indoor OCR rig is perfect for your training all year round, rain or shine.  We take great pride and joy in helping you compete and complete your first Obstacle Course Race!

Ideal for: Beginners who want to dip their hands (and feet!) into the sport whether for fun, fitness, further competition or off-season cross-training.


When we say functional-training, we stay true to its definition of any goal-based training that enhances performance in the activities that matter to you- whether  for work, sport or activities of daily living.

All our training programs can be done One-on-One or Semi-private, 2 to 4 persons.

Santé Strong & Mobile

Our program for buidling both STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY, giving you control and power even at end-range of movements.


Ideal for- Dancers, Performing Yogis, Pilates practitioners or anyone who wants to be strong while maximizing full range of motion.

Santé Intensity

Our program for developing Absolute strength. Because strength matters and sometimes, it’s all that matters.


Ideal for- Anyone concerned with improving their form with the major lifts and improving their maximum strength

Santé Swift Athletics

Our program for developing Speed or Athleticism


Ideal for – Any athlete who wants to improve their sports performance and the qualities associated with sports namely ACCELERATION, EXPLOSIVENESS, CHANGE OF DIRECTION, VERTICAL JUMP and CONDITIONING.

Santé Functional Hypertrophy

Our program specialized to prevent training injuries by emphasizing BALANCED STRENGTHENING and incorporating elements of MOBILITY and RECOVERY within the program.


Ideal for – Individuals wanting to gain more muscle mass.

Santé Strong Curves

Our Body Shaping and empowering program that addresses the physique demands of women


Specially designed for all women who want to LOSE WEIGHT while getting STRONG and CURVY.

Sports Nutrition

We also have specific 1 on 1 training programs to enhance the skill and specific strength and conditioning needs of more serious and advanced competitors.


The dietary needs and strategies of active people are different.


Your goals and definition of success determine the nutritional plan capable of sustaining your training needs and quality of performance.


Our one on one packages include expert guidance in sports nutrition so can take one step closer to your goal and eliminate the guesswork from your nutritional plan.


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