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United in the mission to bring to world-class training and facilities to the Philippines, Sante Health & Fitness Inc. and Ayala Land have joined forces to build the Sante Fitness Lab.


Officially opening its doors to all athletes and fitness enthusiasts on December 2018, Sante Fitness Lab is a one- stop fitness center that offers everything you’ll need to perform at your peak- from Functional Fitness, Sports Performance, Performance testing, Recovery, Sports Rehab services as well as Sports Development programs


Showcasing facilities set-up for a sports science laboratory and designed for optimal strength and conditioning training, we ensure that athletes of all levels are prepared for all the demands and any adversity of their sports.



To become a global leader in providing holistic and innovative fitness programs and sports rehabilitation for the achievement and maintenance of optimal human performance.



To bring out the Champion in every individual.



For any fitness or sports performance goal, we believe that measuring Key Performance Indicators are crucial to determining your baseline and tracking progress


Based on the goals set and the metrics measured, we design your program to address your current needs and adjust it accordingly to ensure effective and efficient achievement of your performance goals


Through our collaborative team of professionals, we can ensure accurate execution of program design and guidance when and where it is most needed


Through our system, we believe that everyone can be a champion in life.

We’re with you every step of the way, from overcoming challenges to improve the quality of life to achieving Elite Sports Performance

Spectrum of Performance

We believe that everyone is an athlete and a Champion in their respective field whether it be in their sports or their everyday physical challenges.


Committed in helping you become better

The Sante Fitness Lab Team is a culmination of great minds and passionate professionals dedicated to helping you level up your game and improve the quality of your life.


Our system is built in such a way that the whole team collaborates on caring for you and your progress. We pool in all our expertise and work as team to help you through the full spectrum of performance, from physical therapy to athletic training, to fitness and conditioning, to weight loss and sports nutrition, to training load management and recovery strategies, to functional training and competition.

John Joseph Ogacion
Performance Coach & Sports Nutritionist

JJ completed his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy degree at San Juan De Dios College in 2016. During his degree he gained experience in neurologic, pediatric, musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. In 2018, he broadened his education by undergoing a Sports Nutrition certification program by the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition and joined the Santé Fitness Lab team in 2019.

JJ enjoys working with patients/clients of all ages and backgrounds and has particular expertise in sports rehabilitation, cardiovascular conditioning and nutrition.

These interests have developed from his own experience competing in National level Marathons. Applying both theoretical knowledge and personal experiences as an athlete to develop programs that is personalized and goal oriented. JJ developed skills in analyzing cardiovascular capacity and physiology of the body, management of sports related injuries and a focus of goal-oriented rehabilitation.

Bea De Jesus
Performance Coach

Bea graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in 2018 before joining the Santé Fitness Lab team in 2019.

Throughout her studies, Bea gained valuable experience in neurologic, geriatric, musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.

In addition, Bea spent her final years of studies undergoing internship in Philippine General Hospital, wherein she developed her skill for musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Bea has a table tennis & swimming background and is passionate about helping people of all conditions, and in particular athletes returning to sport. Bea loves being active and spends most of her time outdoors running and swimming.

Jerricson Llanos
Performance Coach

Jerricson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from De La Salle Health Sciences Institute and had been into the fitness and sports setting for four years now. He had worked closely with weightlifting athletes with their recovery and rehabilitation needs, and among CrossFit enthusiasts as he handled bootcamp and HIIT for fitness classes.

He is a large fan of Olympic weightlifting movements, which became his fundamentals for focusing on strength and conditioning for athletes. Currently he is a candidate for ASCA Level 1 certification and focuses on strength and conditioning for athletes, and sports and orthopedic rehabilitation.


We’ve got everything a champion needs.






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