Athlete’s Treats Promo

Athlete’s Treats Promo


Joining a Triathlon, Aquathlon, Duathlon and Marathon can really be tiring, that is why Sante Fitness lab wants you to be fully recovered after the race. Visit Sante Fitness Lab and enjoy big discounts on the following:
A. 50% off on Active Physical Therapy Services.
B. 50% on Sports Nutrition Packages
C. 50% on One on One Coaching Services
Redemption Period: All Year Round March 5 to 2020 to December 31, 2020

• Just bring your Race bib number to qualify for the discount.
• Valid for athletes who joined any running ,multi sport racing or OCR Sports event starting January 1 to 2020 to December 19, 2020
• Promo is non-transferable
• Open to members and non-members
• 50% off is valid only for Single Session (1) bib per month policy.
• Sports Nutrition Packages includes Initial Consultation and Race Nutrition Package only.
• One on One Coaching is on 50% off but Semi-Private Coaching is not included in the 50% off offer. Offer only works for single coaching or one on one.
• Only Physical Bib Number will be honored for this promo.
• 1 Bib Number is equal to 1 transaction only. This transaction includes the option of purchasing all services offered in the promo or just choosing 1 or 2. Control limit of the number of Race Bib Number Transaction shall be once a month. The client must be able to consume all the services included before they can use another bib number on the same service.
• Race Bib Number shall expire once a new Race Bib Number is presented.
• Sports Nutrition Package inclusions in the 50% off deal are the following
a. Initial Consultation Package
b. Race Nutrition Package
• Un-availed services as part of the promo shall expire by the next month.

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