Lab Stories: Growing old and strong together like the Buchmuellers

Lab Stories: Growing old and strong together like the Buchmuellers

Lab Stories: Growing old and strong together like the Buchmuellers

Have you ever considered becoming one of those #Fitspiration couples? Raymond and Bella Buchmueller’s Lab story shows us that strengthening their bodies together can also make their relationship grow stronger.

Originally based from Switzerland, the couple decided to spend their retirement years in the Philippines. Excited in their first months back, they were busy with shopping and vacation spree. This was also when they felt the effects of inactivity and aging kicking-in, particularly, the dreaded knee and back pain. This became their turning point in deciding that they needed to be active and start training again. After a year of training with another facility, they learned about Sante Fitness Lab (SFL) and got curious.

Discovering SFL’s strategic location at Vermosa which showcases a world-class track oval and swimming pool and seeing for themselves the top-notch facilities and equipment and the training space, they didn’t think twice and enrolled as members and started their training.

But what impressed them more were the wide spectrum of services that SFL offered and scientifically-based programming system synergistically done by expert professionals in coaching and physical therapy.

Bella was mostly able to appreciate these when she struggled with a shoulder injury from her daily activities and was able to recover fast through the Active physical therapy done by Coach Bea.

Inspired with her fitness goal to able to run efficiently, she took her training to the next level and tried the 1 on 1 coaching with Coach JJ.

In this training experience, Bella was enlightened with the importance of undergoing assessment, among which included the Body Composition Analysis and Movement competency testing, to determine various baseline data in determining the best fit program for her goal.

Raymond, on the other hand, continues to enjoy the training facilities as he works on his strength and conditioning to get back to wakeboarding.

With their consistent training together and support for each other’s fitness goals, you can really see through that they exude the fitness glow. They don’t only look but feel better. Indeed, the Buchmuellers prove to be a daily dose of inspiration everyone that age can’t be a hindrance to living the life you want as long there is commitment and right people to support you.

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