Aquathlon – A Starting Point

Aquathlon – A Starting Point

Any race has to have a starting point. It’s a point of equality – everybody is behind the line, oblivious of what lies ahead but all determined to get across that end. A triathlete’s journey is just like a race and a starting point is what that lead them to this life long love for Triathlon.
For many athletes, Aquathlon is regarded as the perfect starting point that hooked them to multisport. By brushing up first the skills in the water and on the road, tri-newbies will get the feel of triathlon, its transition and the rush of the sport, without having to gear up yet for a bike and its technicalities. The elements of running and swimming is enough for novice athletes to get the disciplines of training and athleticism to become full blown triathletes.

Sante Barley Triteam and Sante Fitness Lab ambassador Bea Grabador can attest to this familiar stage of beginning multisport through Aquathlon

A Swimming Advantage

Bea is a swimming champ from UP Varsity Swim Team, and an athlete of the Philippine National Womens Water Polo Team. ‘I learned how to swim when I was 6 and started competing at the age of 7.’ Bea noted as she recalls how swimming became her first love, how she trained to become a competitive athlete, and how she used it to get in to multisport through Aquathlons.

With water as her element, Bea joined various Aquathlons where she aced those races and became a multisport athlete. ‘I have 2 memorable experiences in Aquathlon: the first one is the all women’s AtletaAko Aquathlon where I reigned as the fastest athlete among the 400 participants and the 2016 Aquaman, where I was also awarded as the overall champ in the women’s division’. With her discipline in training and priority in recovery, she continues to become a figure in Aquathlon and Triathlon community as a coach in the sport.

Bea is a prime example of getting triathlon right with Aquathlon as a stepping stone. She follows a recovery, strength and conditioning program from Sante Fitness Lab to make sure she’d be in her A-game every time she steps in to the pool, and on the road for her Aquathlon races. And to bring that same program Bea is having, Sante Fitness Lab steps up to be the Official Recovery and Performance Partner of the AQUAMAN AQUATHLON on May 19 to support new comers in multisport, aiding them with a space to train and a place to recover.

All Registrants of the AQUAMAN AQUATHLON 2019 are entitled to an event exclusive promo of 800PHP for One (1) session only (from php 1,200.00) for Recovery Boost (Cryotherapy, Boots + Myofascial Release Therapy) until May 26! Just show any confirmation of registration for the race and get to train and recover where Champions are made!

Train where the Aquaman will be happening! Experience expert training and recovery here at Sante Fitness Lab, the New Home of Champions!

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